“And now I’m going upstairs to write an angry blog!” I told the woman I live with as I left the room…

My soul is gnashing its teeth as I write… in fact, it has been all day.  I’m frustrated with myself and my circumstances and I’m frustrated with the plight of trafficking in our country… which go hand and hand for me.  I’ve not been as productive as I’d like lately and it’s hard for me not to put pressure on myself to preform.  My rationale, though maybe flawed, is simple: If I can’t make something good out of what happened to me than I can’t deal with the fact that it happened.  (Yes, I realize, it’s God who is the creator of good, not my actions.)  I’m sick of being exhausted and I’m sick of feeling like I have some horrible disease that will never subside and return me to normal.  I can’t dwell in this sea though– there’s simply too much work that needs to be done.  Instead, I’m trying to focus my hope on one less girl having to face what I’ve faced.

Now, I said earlier that I’m frustrated with the plight of trafficking in our country.  This is a huge understatement, but I’m trying not to be entirely critical.  What I will say is this… I’m sick of telling people that it’s a relief for me to work on anti-trafficking projects in other countries because faster results can be seen outside of the US.  I’ve said many times that I feel what takes two years to set up in South East Asia will takes the States 25 years to accomplish.  (This is in terms of developing holistic recovery and prevention programs such as caring safe houses and job development.)  It’s an extremely complex process anywhere that you look, but I have been completely and utterly ashamed at the politics that are getting in the way of preserving the basic human dignity of our own victimized citizens.  WE CAN DO BETTER!  There are roughly 12 beds (in care houses) in one state designated for trafficking victims, when 200 minors are trafficked out of one county alone alone in that same state each year.  Not good enough people!  I’m not naive to the necessary restrictions and protective laws that are involved in our social services processes.  All I’m saying is that we need to do better because what we have now is absurdly weak.

On a positive note, thank you to the Church for leading out on this initiative across our country.  We, as a greater community, have dropped the ball in a lot of social justice areas, but I feel like we’re pretty involved in this one… still though, we can do better!  We need to be less worried about offending our children and their playmate’s PTA parents and more concerned about the violations of our neighbors.  I am not at all afraid to make someone uncomfortable by telling them truth because the reality is, there are hundreds of thousands of children who are far more “uncomfortable” during their habitual rapes.  We have to be smart.  We have to love and serve strategically, but it IS OK to be a little radical at times.  Look back on our nation’s history… what powerful movement have you seen that has not included these two things: prayer and radicals?

I want to challenge us all…  Step up and join a group of movement in your area.  If you can’t find a group in your area actively working against trafficking, then guess what?  There needs to be one.  It’s OK if you don’t think of yourself as some dynamic leader, just start small and recruit all of your loud mouthed and co-passionate friends. 😉 Change can happen and will happen, but we need every last one of you to be present.  Please, fight with me.

May this blog serve as an education to those who do not yet know or understand the atrocities of trafficking and may it serve as an encouragement to those who understand it all too well.

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