We Can STILL Do Better


OK, so I suppose I still have more of my rant from earlier in this week left over.  I came into a conversation recently talking about yet another anti-trafficking non-profit that was formed in my area.  I found myself so quickly angered that I was simultaneously spitting out the F-bomb and leaking tears.  Quickly before debate ensues, let me say that the work is plentiful but the workers few.  I love collaboration, teams, more hands in the labor, coalitions, etc.  You name the group-driven buzz word and I’m there.  Trafficking is a HUGE issue and we need all the help that we can get. BUT, what I can’t stand is one individual not getting his way, thinking he knows everything or getting his feelings hurt and moving on to start another NPO to do the exact same thing as the original NPO in the same geographic area… the only difference being the the aforementioned party is now the boss instead of the subordinate.  We don’t have enough time, nor enough resources to spread amongst petty people in this movement.  I realize this happens everywhere but that doesn’t mean that I have to be OK with it… because by that logic I would also have to be OK with trafficking (it happens everywhere you know?)  No more, I want better!

Therefore, this is my pledge to you, dear public…

I, a survivor of trafficking, pledge to remember my original motivation: to defend those who cannot defend themselves but also to empower, in a supportive manner, those same people to direct and improve their own lives.  I pledge to remember my own story not for sorrow but inspiration.  I pledge to educate myself thoroughly, knowing that my experience alone is not enough and that I should be an eternal learner by sitting at the feet of those wiser than I.  I pledge to strive to love those I work with unconditionally, yet wisely, all the while keeping the service as paramount, and credit to my own name as an afterthought.  I pledge to walk towards a common goal in collaboration with other groups who compliment services instead of duplicate them needlessly.  I pledge to educate everyone I come in contact with effectively, setting aside comfort and bringing forth creativity and appropriateness.  I pledge to you that I will be bold and that I will work hard.  I pledge to you that I will practice self care and recognize my own limits… because of course there are things that someone can simply do better than me, or at least that I don’t have to do myself. (I pledge to ask for help when I really need it.)  I pledge to not exploit the stories of other victims and survivors (or my own story for that matter) in order to raise money for a worthy organization.  I pledge instead to honor each life, touched by trafficking, that I come in contract with… whether it’s a abused girl, a knowing adult, a “john”, a trafficker or a pimp… we are all broken people that desperately need help.

I pledge to remember that there is always hope.

What do you pledge?

(Please, leave me a comment about it, because I really would like to know!)

May this blog serve as an education to those who do not yet know or understand the atrocities of trafficking and may it serve as an encouragement to those who understand it all too well.

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  1. I pledge to give of my time and talents in writing and speaking to be a voice for those that have no voice, to tell stories that compell us all to do more about the evil of human trafficking.

  2. Deborah

     /  February 8, 2012

    I pledge to listen, support, encourage, hold accountable, and be present for you regardless! 🙂
    Love you!

  3. Nik

     /  February 8, 2012

    Worthy, admirable and inspirational.

    As always you touch me deeply with your devotion, determination, commitment, sensitivity and story. And yes, we can do better.

    Thank you.

  4. Brittany

     /  February 8, 2012

    You are amazing. Your heart brings so much encouragement to me as you boldly fight for others and fight for you. My heart is with you.

    I made a film on Sex Trafficking in Latin America, and God spoke very loud and clear how as filmmakers we can easily exploit the survivors if we are not careful tackling the issue. And because of that, God sent me to the front lines and work with survivors which has made this project more than just making a movie. Now it is fighting for the lives of some of my best friends.

    With that said: I pledge as a filmmaker to empower the voice of the survivors. To build platforms for their voices to be heard. To work with survivors in creating resources that accurately portray and express their hearts, not exploit them.

    Praying for you!


    • Big Dreamer

       /  February 10, 2012

      9to20, your story has moved and changed me. The first post I read was where you spoke of Power to the People, Power to Governemnt and how you can’t trust that so you put the power back where it belongs, on God. It was a wake up call to me. It has impacted me deeply. I’m trying to educate those around me and learn more.
      I was especially interested by your comment Brittany as I’m currently writing a screenplay about a trafficking survivor. You said “Filmmakers can easily exploit the survivors.” I realize this is possible but how exactly did you mean? I want to do justice by the survivors, I want it to be real and truthful but not hurtful. How can I keep from making the mistake of exploiting the survivors? Also, what is the name of your film, I would love to check it out.


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