Art Stop – “A Prayer For The Trafficked”

I was directed to this painting recently by a friend who said it reminded her of me… not sure if it was a physical characteristic or just the simple fact that she knows my heart to end trafficking.  Either way, it reminds me of me too.  There’s something about her face that’s hurt, but determined, sad but strong…  I can identify with that.  The image really seems to represent well the amount of jumbled thoughts and information that a trafficked girl has to process all at once.  Regardless of explaining it to death though, just take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.  Personally, I can’t wait to buy a print for myself.

“A Prayer For the Trafficked” by Scott Erickson – 36″x48″ acrylic on canvas, an auction piece for an anti-human trafficking fundraiser (Click the above image to be taken to the artist’s website.)

May this blog serve as an education to those who do not yet know or understand the atrocities of trafficking and may it serve as an encouragement to those who understand it all too well.

(Post originally written 4/26/12)

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  1. Wow…breathtaking and sad visual…glad you posted this though as it certainly serves as a sensitivity awareness for those who’ve been so shattered…hang in there sweetie and as my therapist says to me over and over “your life is worth living even with the challenges you face”….and I’m trying hard to internalize that thought…

  2. hi –
    i linked to you on my blog, i hope that’s okay. i am happy to share with you the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD as well as THE SUNSHINE AWARD (recognition from bloggers for fellow bloggers). all the best to you always.
    Love and Thanks,


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