Art Stop – “Girls Like Us”

Looking outside of the Bible, never have I underlined so much text in a single book.  In “Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not for Sale, an  Activist Finds Her Calling and Heals Herself” author and trafficking survivor Rachel Lloyd takes readers through the realities of trafficking.

The margins of my copy of this book are filled with agreeing comments like “YES!” and “So true!” and stars implying my solemn similarity of story.  Personally, Rachel’s words have been validating and reassuring that I’m not alone in this journey.  For those without a past in the Life, it’s an excellent portray not only of the facts of trafficking, but of the emotions behind survival and abuse.  My simple direction is, read this book! It’s educational and uplifting and impacting.

To read the full review or purchase this book, click here.

May this blog serve as an education to those who do not yet know or understand the atrocities of trafficking and may it serve as an encouragement to those who understand it all too well.

(Post originally written 5/11/12)

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