Art Stop – “Turning Tables”

This song and dance remind me so much of a woman’s struggle to get out of The Life.  Really though, it relates to anyone in a harmful relationship.  I think back to past boyfriends who weren’t the best choice or to even trying to escape my own family.  I think to friend’s who won’t leave the sex bars they work in because of their love for the other girls there or because of the shallow promise from a customer to come back and “rescue” them.  So many of us sit in abusive circumstances too long by holding on to hope for change that doesn’t always exist.  Sometimes we just need to leave.  Sometimes we just need to not let them hurt us any longer.


Listen to song here: (

Lyrics to song here: (

May this blog serve as an education to those who do not yet know or understand the atrocities of trafficking and may it serve as an encouragement to those who understand it all too well.

(Post originally written 6/11/12)

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